Trailer Sales and Rental News


Wabash Expands Dealer Network

Wabash has added two of the largest dealers in the Northeast, Bergey’s Truck Centers and Allegiance Trucks, to their dealer network.

Cox Automotive Mobility

Cox Automotive Acquires Trudell

Cox Automotive has acquired Trudell, expanding their trailer operations, including 13 trailer service locations and truck and trailer parts sales.

Thompson Truck & Trailer

Thompson Re-enters Trailer Market

Thompson Truck & Trailer re-enters the trailer market and partners with two trailer manufacturers, Side Dump Industries and Maxxim Industries.

Trailer Orders for April 2021

Trailer Orders for April 2021

US trailer orders for April 2021 fell nearly 52% from March but rose more than 3600% compared to the severely COVID-impacted April of 2020.

Trailer Orders - 2020

Trailer Orders Remain Solid

FTR reports that preliminary U.S. net trailer orders remained vibrant for the fourth consecutive month, totaling 41,700 units in December.