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About Trailer Technician

Trailer Technician is a provider of news and information related to the Semi-Trailer Industry. In addition, we strive to bring positive awareness to an industry that is absolutely critical to our way of life.

Our Mission

  • Provide relevant news and information to those within the Trailer Industry.
  • Create positive awareness for the companies within the Trailer Industry.
  • Create positive awareness for those that work within the Trailer Industry.
  • Bring awareness to the various career opportunities within the Trailer Industry.

Trailer Industry Defined

Within the confines of the Trailer Technician site, the Trailer Industry includes everything involved in the manufacturing, maintenance, and use of semi-trailers.

  • Trailer Manufacturers
  • Part Manufacturers and Suppliers
  • Trailer Repair Shops
  • Trailer Technicians
  • Tool Manufacturers and Suppliers
  • Trailers Sales and Leasing
  • Freight Transportation Companies and Trailer Fleets
  • Trailer Related Events

From the Founder

Trailer Technician - Greg
Even after a long day at the shop, Greg is still willing to take a moment to show off the latest in mechanic wear. ~1975

Some of my earliest memories involve spending time at the trailer and diesel repair shop with my grandparents (see photo). And my dad has been keeping trucks and trailers on the road for as long as I can remember. Add to that the years I spent in the Freight Transportation Industry, and it probably isn’t surprising that I’ve developed an appreciation for all things trailer-related.

While it is possible that some may not share in my excitement for trailers, there is no denying the critical role they play in our way of life. Fortunately, there are a lot of hard working and talented individuals that keep the Trailer Industry up and running.

Trailer Technician is here to provide those in the industry with relevant information. And with any luck, we hope to play a role in attracting even more hard working and talented individuals to an industry that truly matters.

Trailer Technician Founder

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