XTRA Lease Trailer Rental Process

XTRA Lease

XTRA Lease Trailer Rental

From picking up the trailer, to the trailer’s return, this video provides an overview of the trailer rental process at XTRA Lease.

Video Transcript

When you rent trailers from XTRA Lease, you get a great experience, start to finish. We’ve invested in technology that has transformed the experience to make your interactions with us faster, easier, and more transparent. So, what does that look like today?

Starting Strong

The XTRA Lease rental experience, our goal is to have a seamless experience for our customers especially with the drivers. We know that they are busy and their time is precious. So our goal is to get them in and out of our yard as quickly as possible. So when a driver arrives, they check in, we text them if they would like a location of that trailer. We do most of the inspection work before the driver even arrives. So that when they get to the gate to leave, we take a few pictures of the exterior and they’re on their way. – Allyson Lavender, Vice President

When your driver leaves the yard with our trailer, we’ll email the rental agreement to you with photos of the trailer’s condition. You get full transparency with documentation of the trailer’s condition when it was picked up. We can also text the rental agreement and photos to you.

Getting Service When & Where You Need It

Breakdowns can occur anytime, anywhere. Our in-house RoadWatch emergency road service staff is available for those after-hour maintenance emergencies. No matter where your driver breaks down, we can locate a repair vendor nearby.

And then during the Rental process, we’re in contact with our customers. They have maintenance information available on our secure account portal. We can set up alerts for them so that they know when those trailers are due for maintenance. And because we know those trailers are running, a lot of times customers don’t have time to bring the trailer by, we will even reach out to customers and to see if we can arrange maintenance on their yards. – Allyson Lavender, Vice President

Finishing Solid

When you return the trailer, we conduct a thorough inspection with your driver in 15 minutes. When damage occurs, we’re up front and straight-forward about it. If the trailer is returned with damage, we’ll photograph it and notify you via email with links to the photos. You get full transparency and peace of mind knowing you have visible records of the trailer’s condition. And we never charge for 22 items we consider nuisance damage. Our philosophy, treat you fairly and eliminate annoying rebuilds to repair minor damage that occurred during your rental.

So several years ago we had a vision to reduce transaction time for our customers because we know that having their driver on the road is important to them. We achieved that by giving our branches new hardware and implementing new software that reduces that transaction time and allows the drivers to get on and off our yard as quickly as possible. – Allyson Lavender, Vice President

The modern trailer rental continues to evolve. At XTRA Lease, rest assured, that won’t stop. As the industry leader in trailer renting and leasing, we’ll continue to invest to make business easier for you.