Cliff Creech – Phillips Connect Vice President of Customer Engineering

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Phillips Connect promotes Cliff Creech to Vice President

Irvine, CA – (Trailer Technician) – Phillips Connect has promoted Cliff Creech to Vice President of Customer Engineering. In this role, Cliff will be responsible for customizing telematics solutions to meet customer needs, leading product/feature development, integrating third-party products, and other support functions within Phillips Connect to deliver the highest quality and best solutions for their customers.

Cliff Creech - Phillips Connect Vice President of Customer Engineering
Cliff Creech - Phillips Connect Vice President of Customer Engineering

Cliff joined Phillips Connect in 2018 after a 20-year career with Norfolk Southern Corporation. Cliff’s duties at Norfolk Southern involved managing nationwide maintenance programs for 70,000+ containers and chassis. This experience gave Cliff important insights into the issues fleets face, which he has since brought to Phillips Connect.

“Cliff has been an asset to this company since Day One,” said founder and CEO, Rob Phillips. “It’s been a great joy working with Cliff and watching him grow professionally. Cliff is going to do great things at Phillips Connect, and I couldn’t be more proud to have him as a key member of the Phillips Family.”

“Cliff and I have worked alongside one another since he joined Phillips Connect, and I’ve watched him take our products and implement them successfully with some of the largest fleets in North America,” said EVP, Jim Epler. “He is not only incredibly knowledgeable in the field, but also a pleasure to work with and learn from. We are ready to see him continue to take it to the next level, and this promotion will create new opportunities for both Cliff and Phillips Connect.”

Technology adoption in fleets demands close communication between individual and unique fleets and their suppliers so the best solutions can be provided. Each fleet has its own needs that Phillips Connect can address through its unique and customizable telematics solutions.

“Phillips Connect‘s success is driven by our focus on identifying customer needs and delivering practical telematics solutions,” commented Cliff. “I am gratified to be able to present these solutions to customers to help improve visibility of equipment condition and capture all of the related benefits. Rob Phillips and Jim Epler have both supported and mentored me along the way and I appreciate the trust they have shown with this promotion.”

Cliff earned a Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation from the US Merchant Marine Academy and a Master in Business Administration from William and Mary University.

About Phillips Connect

Phillips Connect takes telematics light-years beyond basic GPS tracking by combining the industry’s most advanced connected asset solutions for trailers, chassis, and containers with a variety of sensors including brake, tire pressure, and light sensors, among others. Its products are seamlessly integrated with the Connect1 user interface, giving fleet managers the information they need to turn their assets faster and maximize driver productivity.

Phillips Connect has developed industry IoT sensor connection technology that is widely used in the freight industry. Phillips Connect is truly transforming the industry and continues to do so by keeping drivers in the seat and their cargo safe. The products are designed to improve overall safety and security, reduce costs in fleet maintenance, and dramatically enhance fleet asset utilization. Phillips Connect is a stand-alone company within the Phillips Technologies Group portfolio of companies. Visit for more information.