Autocar ACTT Terminal Tractor Orientation (2018)


Autocar ACTT Terminal Tractor Orientation

From Autocar, the orientation video for the 2018 ACTT Terminal Tractor. The ACTT is available in three models: 4X2 Off-Road, 4X2 DOT, and 6X4 DOT.

Training Video

  • Title: Autocar Trucks ACTT Operator Orientation
  • Source: Autocar
  • Run Time: 10:41

Video Topics

  • Serial Number and VIN Locations
  • Configurations
    • 4X2 Off Road
    • 4X2 DOT
    • 6X4 DOT
  • Manufacturing Facility Overview
  • ACTT Features
  • Pre-Trip Inspection & Guidelines
  • General Operation
    • Cab Tilt Controls
    • In-Cab Overview
    • Cab & Chassis Exterior
  • Autocar Tech Support Information