Training Videos

Trailer Technician Training Videos

A collection of training videos for Trailer Technicians. Video sources include manufacturers, repair shops, and other Trailer Industry professionals.

Videos are for demonstration purposes only. They are not a substitute for proper training and detailed reference to all applicable product documentation. Always ensure that manufacturer guidelines are followed and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations are met.

Training Videos

Holland FW35TT Rebuild

Holland FW35TT Yard Spotter Fifth Wheel Rebuild

Holland FW35TT Fifth Wheel Rebuild From SAF-Holland, this video demonstrates the rebuild process for FW35TT/XA-351-TT Series yard spotter (terminal tractor) fifth wheels. Training Video Title: HOLLAND

Adjusting and Changing Single Spring Counter Balance (Operator)

Single Spring Counterbalance (Operator)

Single Spring Counterbalance (Operator) – Installing & Adjusting From TODCO, this video demonstrates the process for installing and adjusting a single spring counterbalance (operator) for a

JOST Trailer Landing Gear Training

Jost Trailer Landing Gear

JOST Trailer Landing Gear Training This video from provides an overview of JOST trailer landing gear, including the various models, proper function, maintenance, and repair. Training

Truck Pac ES6000 Jump Starter

Truck PAC ES6000 Jump Starter

Truck Pac ES6000 This video provides an overview of the Truck Pac ES6000 12V portable jump starter. The ES6000 is made for use with large trucks,

Winntec Wheel Dolly

Winntec Wheel Dolly

Wheel Dolly A demonstration of the Winntec Wheel Dolly (Y471105). This dolly allows Technicians to easily and safely install and uninstall wheels from semi-trucks and trailers.

Haldex ABS Sensor Diagnostics

Diagnosing ABS Wheel Speed Sensors

Diagnosing ABS Wheel Speed Sensors In this training video, Haldex demonstrates the process for diagnosing trailer ABS wheel speed sensors. Training Video Title: ABS Sensor Diagnostics

MIG Welding Basics

MIG Welding Basics

MIG Welding Basics for Beginners From the TimWelds video series, an overview and demonstration of MIG welding basics for the beginner. Video Topics Distance Angle Work

Premier Mfg Wear Gages

Premier Mfg Wear Gages

Premier Mfg Wear Gages for Pintle Hitches and Couplings This video demonstrates how Technicians can use Premier Wear Gages to help to ensure that Premier pintle

Check and Adjust Ride Height

Measure and Adjust Ride Height

Measuring and Adjusting Trailer Ride Height In this video, Aaron from North Central Utility (formerly Badger Utility) demonstrates how to measure and adjust the ride height

Stationary Regen

Terminal Tractor Stationary Regen

Kalmar Ottawa T2 Terminal Tractor Stationary Regen This video demonstrates the process used to perform a stationary regen on the Kalmar Ottawa Terminal Tractor. Training Video