Milwaukee M12 Technician Borescope (3150-20)

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Milwaukee M12 Technician Borescope 3150-20

Trailer Technician Tools: Diagnostic Tools

Milwaukee M12 Technician Borescope (3150-20)

Performing a thorough inspection is an essential step to properly maintaining trailers and yard trucks. And in an industry that is dominated by flat rate pricing, the quality of an inspection can dramatically impact the profitability of a job. So having access to the necessary diagnostic tools is extremely important for a truck and trailer repair shop.

A borescope is a diagnostic tool that can make life much easier for a technician. A high quality borescope can help find a crack that threatens the integrity of an upper coupler, a well-hidden cut in an electrical harness that causes lighting issues, several hard-to-see wheel end issues, and more. So adding a borescope to our Trailer Technician Tool Set was a must.

As I was researching potential borescopes, Milwaukee introduced their M12 Auto Technician Borescope. Perfect! Yeah, it’s brand new, which means there isn’t a lot of performance reviews online to reference. But, so far I’ve had great luck with Milwaukee products. And to be honest, it’s exciting to get one of the newest tools on the market. So…  the Milwaukee M12 Technician Borescope is now being put to the test in our shop. Stay tuned for updates…


M12™ Auto Technician Borescope (3150-20)

  • Camera Head Diameter: 5mm
  • Camera Head Length: 1.5”
  • Screen Size: 4.3”
  • Screen Rotation: 270°
  • Cable Length: 3’
  • Replaceable Cable (Sold Separately, 48-53-3150): Yes
  • Memory & Exportability: SD Card (Included)
  • Adjustable LED Brightness: 5-Level
  • Temperature Sensing: HEAT SENSE™ Temperature Alert

Includes: M12™ Auto Technician Borescope (3150-20), 5mm Borescope Camera Cable (48-53-3150), Hard Case

Milwaukee 5mm Borescope Camera Cable 48-53-3150
5mm Borescope Camera Cable (48-53-3150)