Dry Van Trailers (Enclosed Trailers)

Dry Van Trailer
Dry Van Trailer (photo source: Stoughton)

Dry Van Trailers (Enclosed Trailers)

Dry Van Trailers are the most commonly used trailer type for freight transportation. These trailers are fully enclosed, protecting freight from exposure to outside conditions.

Trailer Characteristics

Common Freight

  • Dry Van Trailers are used to transport a wide variety of freight. Freight can be palletized, boxed, or loose. Because dry van trailers are non-refrigerated, they are not typically used to transport temperature-sensitive freight.


  • Common Lengths: 28′, 45′, 48′,  53′
  • Overall Width: 96″ – 102″
  • Overall Height: 12.5′ – 13.6″


  • Maximum Payload Weight at 53′ Length: 45,000 lbs
  • Maximum Pallets at 53′ Length: 26 (single stacked), 52 (double stacked)

Loading and Unloading

  • Most commonly loaded via the rear of the trailer, usually from a loading dock. 


  • Can be equipped with either roll-up or swing doors.
  • Can be equipped with side doors.
  • Can be equipped with lift-gate.