Hendrickson TIREMAAX PRO & PRO-LB Tire Pressure Control

Product Spotlight – Parts


A look at the features of Hendrickson’s TIREMAAX PRO and PRO-LB advanced trailer tire pressure control system.

TIREMAAX Tire Pressure Control Systems

  • TIREMAAX solution available for all Hendrickson integrated air suspension systems and non-integrated axles
  • Backed by Hendrickson full-service support professionals
  • Checks tire pressure continuously without pressurizing the axle or wheel-ends
  • Check valves help prevent tire pressure loss back through system
  • Ventless hubcap, patented axle filter and axle vent protect the wheel-end from contaminants
  • Long-life rotary union, designed to last one million miles
  • Axle hose, for a non-pressurized axle
  • Patented, mechanical controller maintains desired tire pressures and isolates tires when parked
  • Serviceable filter at supply port helps keep lines and seals clean