Prestige Trailers Brilliance Aluminum Flatbed Trailer

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Brilliance Aluminum Flatbed Trailer

Arlen Hildebrand from Prestige Trailers gives us a look at the Brilliance aluminum flatbed trailer. The Brilliance trailer features an aluminum rear bolster, side rail, main rail, and landing gear.

The Brilliance series is available in flatbed and drop deck models.

Prestige Trailers Brilliance Aluminum Flatbed Trailer
Prestige Trailers Brilliance Aluminum Flatbed Trailer

Prestige Trailers Brilliance Aluminum Flatbed

  • Dimensions
    • Length: Customer Spec. (Min. 48′, Max. 52’6″)
    • Width: 102″ Overall
    • Gooseneck Depth: 10 3/4″ Overall
    • Coupler Height: 48″
    • King Pin: Customer Spec. (Min. 18″, Max. 36″)
  • Body Structure
    • Bolster – Front: Aluminum Extrusion
    • Bolster – Rear: Aluminum Extrusion
    • Bumper: Bolt-On Aluminum, Transport Canada and DOT Certified Rear Impact Guard
    • Coupler Plate: Standard 1⁄4″ HS
    • Crossmembers: Aluminum 4″ @ 16″ OC; See Available Options
    • Flanges: Extruded Aluminum 6061-T6 Top & Bottom
    • Floor: Aluminum 1 1/8″ Riveted c/w 4 Hardwood Nailer Strips
    • Lighting: Truck-Lite LED Lighting; See Available Options; Seven Wire Connector at Front; Truck-Lite LED Lighting Standard; Lifetime Warranty Lamps; Truck-Lite Wiring Harness; See Available Options
    • Load Securement: Various Fixed or Sliding Winches, Barrel or 3-Bar Style; J-Hooks, and Others – All Tested to Meet Current Load Securement Regulations
    • Mud Flaps: Heavy Duty, Black Rubber, Anti-Spray, Anti-Sail
    • Rub Rail: Aluminum Recessed 3/8″ x 2 3/4″ Continuous
    • Side Rail: Aluminum 6″ Extrusion c/w LL Winch Track; See Available Options
    • Stake Pockets: 48″ OC, c/w Pipe Spools; See Available Options
    • Web: 3/8″ Aluminum Plate @ Neck, 1/4″ Remainder
  • Running Gear
    • ABS brakes: Meritor Wabco, Various Configurations Available, All Meet Transport Canada Regulations
    • Brake Drums: Standard Cast, Outboard Mount; Other Options Available
    • Brake Lining: HXS-H23 Extended Service
    • Hubs: Standard Cast, Hub-Piloted, 10-Stud Unimount, Oil Lubricated; Other Options Available
    • King Pin: Holland
    • Landing Gear: Jost Magnum Aluminum Landing Gear c/w 10″ Cushion Foot; 10 Year Warranty
    • Slacks: Haldex S-ABA
    • Suspensions & Axles: Hendrickson INTRAAX; Other Options Available
    • Tires: Wide Range of Michelin, BF Goodrich and Bridgestone Tires Available
    • Wheel Seals: National
    • Wheels: Clean Buff Aluminum; Other Options Available
  • Suspensions
    • Tandem Fixed, Tandem with Front or Rear Sliding Axle, Tandem Full Sliding, Tri-Axle Fixed, Tri-Axle Full Sliding, Quad Steerable Ontario SPIF, West Coast Quad
  • Standard Features
    • Air Gauge Box: The aluminum air gauge box includes a dump valve as well as the air gauge
    • Aluminum and Steel Barrier: Mylar tape and Eck barrier protection
    • Aluminum Crossmembers: 4″ aluminum crossmembers are huck-bolted to the top flange extrusion and bolted to the side rail. 12″ spacing is standard, with a 16″ spacing option available. Coil package option available.
    • Aluminum Flanges: Extruded Aluminum 6061-T6 top & bottom
    • Aluminum Flooring: Aluminum 1-1/8″ riveted, coupled with 4 hardwood nailer strips
    • Aluminum Front Bolster:
    • The front bolster includes stake pockets and rub rail. Dock bumpers are mounted on the rear corners of the trailer.
    • Aluminum Main Rail: The main rail is web fastened to the top and bottom flanges with aluminum huck bolts from the landing gear to the back of trailer
    • Aluminum Rear Bolster: The rear bolster has standard aluminum bolt-on bumper with integrated stake pockets. Dock bumpers are mounted on the rear corners of the trailer. A rear dunnage option is available on fixed suspension configurations.
    • Aluminum Rub Rail: The aluminum rub rail has an outer surface recess to house and protect conspicuity tape
    • Aluminum Side Rail: Aluminum 6″ extrusion complete with LL winch track. Integral load hook track option available.
    • Cambered Main Beam Design: Camber is built into every beam to offset beam deflection under load
    • Certified Cargo Securement Devices: Each cargo securement device conforms to CMVSS 905
    • Hendrickson INTRAAX Suspension: The Hendrickson INTRAAX suspension combines the axle and suspension as a fully integrated unit
    • In-Line Air Filter: The in-line air filter protects the air system from road debris build-up. The filter is serviceable and replaceable. Extends the duration of the ABS warranty.
    • Landing Gear: Jost Magnum aluminum landing gear coupled with 10″ cushion foot. Comes with a 10-year warranty
    • Landing Gear Support: Each landing gear leg is braced in multiple directions, providing exceptional stability
    • Plumbing & Wiring: Air and electrical lines from the front of the trailer are routed above the crossmembers, under the flanges and secured in the floor cavity
    • Stake Pockets: Two pipe spools are positioned between the 48” o.c. spaced stake pockets to help prevent damage from side-loading equipment. Each stake pocket and pipe spool is a tested and approved tie-down location, complying with Transport Canada requirements.
    • Upper Coupler: The upper coupler design is one of the most robust in the industry
    • Web Stiffeners: Fastened to main rails with aluminum huck bolts
    • Winches: Sliding winches are located on a track wherever they will not interfere with toolboxes or tires
  • Options
    • Air Gauge Box Options: Available options include a window in the door, air chuck, and a light
    • Aluminum Fill Plate: Aluminum fill plate in bumper with Prestige Trailers logo
    • Axle Chain Slings: Prevents air bags and shock absorbers becoming overextended
    • Bolt-On Bumper: The bolt-on rear impact guard meets or exceeds all regulatory requirements of both US DOT and Transport Canada
    • Brake Drums: Lightweight options available
    • Coil Package: The addition of stub crossmembers between the main beams in specific locations
    • Crossmember Spacing: Additional crossmembers spaced at 12″ o.c. increase the overall strength of the floor area and increase the rigidity of the trailer in more demanding applications, such as forklift operation
    • Disc brakes: Hendrickson MAXX22T air disc brakes
    • Dunnage Rack: The side-mount dunnage rack provides a secure location to transport dunnage lumber up to 9′ in length. Also available in the rear bolster of some flat decks
    • Hubodometer: Available in either miles or kilometers
    • Lights – LED Lighting Packages: 3 unique TRUCK-LITE LED lighting packages available, including rear strobe lighting and aluminum pull-out lighting
    • Lights – Strobe Lights: Two yellow strobe lights are located in the rear bolster, operated by a switch in the air control box
    • Lights – Wide Load Lights: Pull-out wide load LED lights can be extended to various widths and when stored are protected by a full- circumference shroud. On-off switch located in air gauge box.
    • Sliding Front Axle: An optional sliding front axle can be set at two different positions, allowing for greater flexibility in meeting weight regulations in different jurisdictions. A two-position rear sliding axle is also available.
    • Stake Pocket Spacing: Extra stake pockets (24″ o.c.) are available
    • Tarp Rope Hooks: Tarp rope hooks can be installed around the perimeter of each trailer, beneath the deck to secure load coverings
    • Tire Inflation System: Hendrickson TIREMAAX PRO
    • Tool Box: Smooth aluminum toolboxes are available in a variety of sizes and finishes.
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