Bendix Adding TT-CAN to TABS-6 Trailer Toll Stability System



Technology Paves the Way for Further Safety System Automation and Electronic Braking Systems

ELYRIA, Ohio – (Trailer Technician) In preparation for deeper integration of trailers and tractors, further advancement of highly automated commercial vehicles, and a migration toward Electronic Braking Systems (EBS) at many North American tractor OEMs, Bendix is adding a TT-CAN (Tractor-Trailer Controller Area Network) to the Bendix® TABS-6 Advanced multichannel trailer roll stability system. A first for a North America-dedicated product, the ISO 11992-2 vehicle bus will be incorporated into TABS-6 units in early 2020.

“The more effective and complex advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) become, the more important it is to ensure that trailers are treated as an integral part of the safety equation,” said Jon Intagliata, Bendix product line manager for trailers. “When coupled to a tractor that supports ISO 11992 CAN communication, the electronic brake demand from the tractor is converted into a pneumatic brake pressure at the trailer, eliminating pneumatic delays and improving braking response. In addition the TT-CAN enables the transmission of other information and control signals between the tractor and trailer, laying the foundation for upcoming technological developments.”

The Bendix TABS-6 Advanced trailer roll stability system combines antilock braking with sensors, which monitor stability and can quickly and automatically trigger braking interventions when conditions that may lead to a rollover are detected. Available in single-channel and multichannel configurations, Bendix® TABS-6 delivers solutions suitable for a variety of fleet needs.

“Making these ISO 11992-2 functions available to the major North American commercial vehicle manufacturers is important as we work together with them to shape tomorrow’s transportation,” Intagliata said. “One key to both ADAS and EBS is reliably knowing the ‘health’ of the trailer – and this addition helps make that possible.” 

EBS is an extension of existing braking technology. It employs additional electronic controls that are used during every brake application. These controls enable EBS to deliver better brake system performance and features, including smoother braking, and improved brake balance and feel across different load conditions.

In a tractor-trailer electronic braking system, the TT-CAN electronically transmits brake demand from the tractor to the trailer, resulting in a faster transmission of the brake demand, potentially reducing stopping distance and improving brake feel. Other benefits of EBS and TT-CAN include optimization of brake force distribution between the tractor and trailer; the ability to control various functions from the cab of the tractor, such as lift- and steer-axle control; and improved data sharing between the tractor and the trailer.

Information such as trailer geometric data, tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) information, diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs), trailer VIN, and other data can be shared through the 11992-2 connection. 

“The advancements this TT-CAN will enable are still part of driver assistance – not driver replacement – systems,” Intagliata said. “Responsibility for control of the vehicle will remain in the hands of professional drivers practicing safe driving habits, and supported by ongoing, proactive driver training. But with these tools, Bendix is aiming to put the men and women who keep North America moving, behind the wheels of the safest vehicles possible.”

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