Bendix Spicer Foundation Brake Expanding Wheel End Facility

Bendix Spicer Foundation Brake


Manufacturing Operation in Bowling Green, Kentucky, Invests $65 Million

ELYRIA, Ohio – (Trailer Technician) – Bendix Spicer Foundation Brake LLC (BSFB) earned a 2019 Business Expansion Award from the Bowling Green Area Chamber of Commerce for expansion of operations at its wheel-end manufacturing facility in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

BSFB, a joint venture between Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC and Dana Commercial Vehicle Products, LLC, is investing $65 million on a 130,000-square-foot expansion of the facility. In early September, the company broke ground on the plant addition, which will increase air disc brake production capacity to keep pace with accelerating customer demand in North America. Completion of the upgraded plant – which will total 432,000 square feet – is expected by the end of 2020.

The Bowling Green wheel-end facility produces the full lineup of commercially available Bendix® brand foundation drum and air disc brake solutions. At its opening, in 2007, the plant employed 133 people and occupied 187,000 square feet. Since then, Bendix has invested millions of dollars in production capacity and equipment – part of the company’s commitment to continually invest in its manufacturing operations.

Each year, the Bowling Green Area Chamber of Commerce Business Expansion Awards recognize South Central Kentucky companies that have expanded their operations via capital contributions and creating local jobs. The Chamber of Commerce recognized BSFB and seven other businesses Oct. 3 at its 2019 Targeted Business and Industry Awards Banquet.

“We are honored to be recognized by the Bowling Green Area Chamber of Commerce as we continue to invest in our business and expand our presence in Bowling Green,” said Wade Watson, plant manager. “BSFB’s commitment to highway safety, the commercial vehicle industry, our employees, and our community is reflected in our agenda for strong, sustainable growth at our Bowling Green manufacturing operation. BSFB’s leadership and its proud workforce – who are the heart of the operation – thank the Chamber for this award.”

BSFB is expanding on nearly 8.5 acres immediately adjacent to its 302,000-square-foot building, a leased space the company is purchasing as part of the investment. Among other improvements in support of Bendix’s North American air disc brake (ADB) portfolio, the expansion will add a new bracket weld machine center, a third ADB production line, four ADB caliper machining centers, engineering test capability, and an on-site medical clinic and wellness center. Space will also be held in reserve to address long-term growth opportunities.

The facility is also adding six docks, three recycling compactors, 100 spaces in an enlarged parking lot, and a driveway for more efficient truck routing to and from the building.

“Teamwork has helped us deliver on our progress to date in Bowling Green and enables us to continue down the growth path,” Watson added. “We appreciate the collaboration with Bobby Anastario, the building owner, as well as the many local agencies and organizations who assisted us in this expansion effort.”

BSFB previously earned the Bowling Green Area Chamber of Commerce Business Expansion Award in 2011, for adding 221 full-time positions at its manufacturing operation; and in 2015, for investing $8.79 million in a multiyear expansion and improvement project at the manufacturing facility, which added 90 new jobs.

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