Fontaine Infinity AX Trailer

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HALEYVILLE, ALABAMA — (Trailer Technician) – Fontaine Trailer, the recognized technology leader in the flatbed trailer industry, is offering a new composite trailer designed specifically for the heavy duty flatbed fleet market – the Fontaine Infinity AX™.

The Infinity AX™ is built on the same steel foundation as the proven Fontaine Infinity™ trailer. However, the Infinity AX™ features aluminum crossbracing (AX) to reduce overall weight and fight corrosion. With the Infinity AX™ lighter weight doesn’t mean less strength. The aluminum I-Beam crossmembers on 12″ centers reduce weight without sacrificing one pound of payload capacity.

The 25″ deep fabricated steel XtremeBeam™ is the strongest mainbeam in the industry. Computer controlled cutting assures dimensional integrity of the built-in camber. Grade 130 top and bottom flanges are continuously welded on both sides to assure structural integrity. An electrostatically applied plural component urethane top coat provides superior resistance to corrosion.

All lights are LED type with five marker lights per side including mid-turn signals. The aluminum rear skirt features three lights per side for added safety.

Fontaine Trailer Company offers a complete line of flatbed trailers for owner operators and fleets. For more information contact Randall Sibley, Fontaine Trailer Company, 430 Letson Road, P.O. Box 619, Haleyville, Alabama 35565 800-821-6535 • fax 205-486-8985 •

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