Fontaine Trailer

Fontaine Trailer

Fontaine Trailer

Fontaine Trailer is a manufacturer of flatbed trailers, drop deck trailers, chassis, lowbed trailers, extendable and hydraulic tail trailers.

Trailer Manufacturer Profile

  • Company: Fontaine Commercial Trailer, Inc
  • Parent Company: Marmon | Berkshire Hathaway
  • Headquarters: Haleyville, Alabama
  • Founded Date: 1940
  • Founder: John P.K. Fontaine
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Dedicated Business Units

Fontaine Trailer Commercial Platform manufacturers a complete line of aluminum, steel, and combo trailers.

Fontaine Heavy-Haul manufacturers lowbed and extendable trailers.

Fontaine PartSource provides parts and information.

Fontaine Select offers services through Fontaine dealers to help customers who need special equipment added to their trailers for their application.

Fontaine Intermodal supports the intermodal transportation industry with innovative products like the Evolution flat deck (designed to move industrial freight not suitable for containers via rail and road) and the Ultra Light Weight Aluminum Chassis that delivers bigger legal highway payloads.

MHT Floor Technologies manufactures light weight aluminum floors using advanced friction stir welding technology for a wide variety of industries under the StirLite™ brand.

Fontaine Military produces trailers that move equipment and supplies around the globe.

Fontaine Infinity
Fontaine Infinity

Historical Highlights


Fontaine Truck Equipment Company  is founded by John P.K. Fontaine to produce trailers for the federal government.


Fontaine invented the “pressed” steel fifth wheel. That product, combined with the No-Slack lock he invented after World War II, becomes the foundation for today’s Fontaine Fifth Wheel.

1942 – 1950

Fontaine evolves from a government contractor to a manufacturer of platform trailers, heavy specialty trailers and fifth wheels for commercial use.


The company is purchased by The Marmon Group. As a result of the Marmon purchase, Fontaine Truck Equipment Company is transformed into a decentralized group of stand-alone business units: Fontaine Body and Hoist, Fontaine Fifth Wheel, Fontaine Trailer Company, Fontaine Truck Modification Company and Fontaine Truck Equipment Company.


Company expands product line to include all aluminum trailers.