Heavy Duty Aftermarket Dialogue (HDAD)

Heavy Duty Manufacturers Association - HDMA

Heavy Duty Aftermarket Dialogue (HDAD)

Heavy Duty Aftermarket Dialogue (HDAD) is a conference that brings together thought leaders from all segments of the Heavy Duty Aftermarket Industry.  The goal of the event is to share applied knowledge on the state of the marketplace and what steps are necessary to be sustainable and prosperous as the industry evolves.

HDAD is jointly presented by the Heavy Duty Manufacturers Association (HDMA) and MacKay & Company.

Event Highlights

  • A real-world view of the aftermarket from the viewpoint of industry leaders across segments and product ranges, focusing on current business conditions, market disrupters and innovations changing the market’s landscape
  • A deep dive into governmental legislation and the impact on the aftermarket
  • Macro-economic trends that will impact the industry over the next five years
  • MacKay & Company’s Truckable Economic Activity report insight and Aftermarket Review

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