Talbert Manufacturing

Talbert Manufacturing

Talbert Manufacturing

Talbert Manufacturing designs and manufactures equipment, hydraulic, spread axle, tank hauler, lowbeds, flat bed, gooseneck & heavy capacity trailers.

Austin Talbert
Austin Talbert, founder of Talbert Construction Equipment Co., known as Talbert Manufacturing today.

Trailer Manufacturer Profile

  • Company: Talbert Manufacturing, Inc
  • Parent Company:
  • Headquarters: Rensselaer, Indiana
  • Founded Date: 1938
  • Founder: Austin Talbert
  • Traded as:
  • Subsidiaries / Brands:
  • Website: talbertmfg.com
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Trailer Types

  • Lowbed  trailers of all types and configurations, including fixed, mechanical and hydraulic gooseneck designs
  • Double drop trailers
  • Roller Paver trailers
  • Travelling axle, 13 & 15 axle trailers
  • Hydraulic tail trailers
  • Tag-a-Long trailers
  • Tilt deck trailers
  • Military trailers & tank hauling trailers
  • Utility trailers
  • Towing & recovery trailers
  • Building materials trailers (trusses, beams, concrete commodities)
  • Pipe hauling (self-loading/unloading) trailers
  • Special purpose container chassis
  • Extendable trailers (flat bed, step decks, lowbed design, hydraulic, mechanical and fixed neck design)
  • Bomb carts
  • Multi-axle configurations East and West Coast design, including 13 axle trailer and 15 axle sales
  • Hydraulically suspended modular dollies and trailers
  • Missile trailers and transporters
  • Nuclear materials trailers and transporters
  • Hazardous materials trailers
  • Inner plant & material handling transport
  • Equipment trailers

Other Products

  • Running gear assemblies (bunk dollies, axle attachments)
  • Steering dollies (converters, load-dividers, etc.)
Talbert 55SA Heavy Haul Trailer
Talbert 55SA Heavy Haul Trailer

Historical Highlights


Talbert Construction Equipment Co founded by Austin Talbert in Lyons, Illinois to provide crane and construction machinery rental and heavy haul transport in the Chicago area.


New plant was built in Rensselaer, Indiana devoted to specialty trailer manufacturing.

Talbert launches the first T1 trailer.


Talbert Manufacturing acquires Ferree Trailers of Liberty, North Carolina.