K&B Transportation Equipping Fleet with E-SMART


K&B Transportation, Inc. to Equip Entire Fleet with E-SMART

K&B adopts E-SMART dynamic speed management technology to improve safety

Indianapolis, IN – (Trailer Technician) – E-SMART, a leading dynamic speed management provider, announced today that K&B Transportation, Inc., an industry leader in refrigerated transportation will equip its fleet of more than 700 trucks with its E-SMART dynamic speed management technology.

“K&B is excited to partner with E-SMART,” said Lance Evans, director of safety at K&B. “E-SMART technology is unlike anything else on the market because it assists K&B in managing its fleet in a way that no other technology can. K&B is looking forward to implementing E-SMART across the fleet in order to better serve our drivers and customers.”

K&B Vehicle with E-SMART

Effectively decreasing speeding events by more than 90%, E-SMART uses advanced positioning technology to determine vehicle location to actively manage max speed to the posted speed limit E-SMART also leverages this technology for low bridge collision avoidance, active geofencing and remote vehicle immobilization. Leading fleets currently using the E-SMART technology report a significant decrease in speed-related accidents, infringements, and significantly improved CSA scores.

“K&B is clearly a leader in safety technology,” said Joe Thell, SVP of sales and business development at E-SMART. “From our initial conversations with K&B, it became clear that K&B is on the forefront of finding solutions to integrate its fleet into the ever developing world of technology in order to address issues transportation companies regularly face on today’s roadways and the transportation market. We are proud to partner with K&B in their efforts to make their fleet and the roadways safer.”

ABOUT K&B Transportation

Founded in 1987, K&B Transportation is headquartered in South Sioux City, Nebraska and is an industry-leading refrigerated transportation company. K&B provides service to some of the largest companies in the food, beverage, and dairy industries. https://www.drive4kb.com


Indianapolis and Montreal-based E-SMART provides Dynamic Speed Management solutions to the transportation industry that reduce the risk and liability from speed violations and speed-related crashes. Fleets deploying E-SMART see improved CSA scores and decreased fuel consumption. In addition to its industry-leading Dynamic Speed Management solution E-SMART’s other safety features, namely, Low Bridge Collision Prevention, Speed Controlled Geofence Zones and Remote Vehicle Immobilization are changing how fleets view speed management. For more information, please visit: http://www.esmartcontrol.com