VIPAR Heavy Duty Network Continues Growth

VIPAR Heavy Duty

The VIPAR Heavy Duty Family of Companies Reaches New Milestone with 920-plus Locations

Crystal Lake, Ill. – (Trailer Technician) – The VIPAR Heavy Duty Family of Companies announced its network of independent parts distributors and service specialists has grown to more than 920 locations throughout North America this year, strengthening its ability to comprehensively serve the industry’s aftermarket.

The network includes more than 240 VIPAR Heavy Duty stockholders and Power Heavy Duty members who comprise its expansive footprint, including nearly 600 service locations. The VIPAR Heavy Duty Family of Companies supports these businesses by providing True Group Value, which includes strategic supply-chain management, world-class products from premium brands, technology-driven solutions, and marketing and communications resources, among other tools and services.

“Throughout our nearly 35-year history, VIPAR Heavy Duty has strategically expanded the breadth of services we offer to support our distributors and supplier partners, with an unwavering focus on serving the full range of aftermarket needs for our mutual end-user customers,” said VIPAR Heavy Duty President and CEO Chris Baer. “The VIPAR Heavy Duty Family of Companies is well-represented across North America with locations throughout the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and Mexico. Our network not only leads the industry in its footprint and quality of distributors, but also in its shared dedication to providing best-in-class customer service through unparalleled parts and service support. It’s a great time to be in the heavy duty truck parts business!”

VIPAR Heavy Duty was founded in 1989 by 20 distributor stockholders. In 2014, it acquired Power Heavy Duty adding to the VIPAR Heavy Duty Family of Companies. Now with an estimated $2.5 billion at the final point of sale and coast-to-coast locations throughout North America, the VIPAR Heavy Duty Family of Companies consists of a wide range of businesses – from single-location stores to companies with dozens of locations – all meeting the demands of their local, regional and national customers for quality parts and exceptional service.

“We are proud to see our network reach this milestone. This accomplishment exemplifies the hard work, dedication and innovation of our distributors, as well as our supplier partners and the VIPAR Heavy Duty team supporting those organizations,” said Jim Pennig, VIPAR Heavy Duty’s vice president of business development. “We look forward to greater growth and success as we continue to deliver industry-leading products and services, while further expanding the many resources that make the VIPAR Heavy Duty Family of Companies the group of choice for distributors, service specialists, suppliers and, ultimately, the end-user customers we serve.”

About The VIPAR Heavy Duty Family of Companies

With more than 920 locations, the VIPAR Heavy Duty Family of Companies is North America’s leading network of independent truck parts distributors and service providers serving the commercial vehicle industry’s full range of aftermarket needs. It provides its VIPAR Heavy Duty and Power Heavy Duty distributors and its supplier partners with value-added, channel-specific tools to best deliver world-class products, services and satisfaction to customers throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico. The VIPAR Heavy Duty Family of Companies includes VIPAR Heavy Duty, which was founded in 1989 and is headquartered in Crystal Lake, Ill., and two wholly owned subsidiaries, Power Heavy Duty LLC, founded in 1994 and acquired by VIPAR Heavy Duty in 2014, and Global Parts Network LLC, a leading manufacturer of brake related products and parts distribution center of heavy-duty truck parts. VIPAR Heavy Duty is a proud member of NEXUS North America and NEXUS Automotive International, a worldwide group of parts distributors committed to bringing a global approach to the automotive and commercial vehicle aftermarket industries. For more information about VIPAR Heavy Duty, visit; for more information about Power Heavy Duty, visit