Stemco Hubodometer Selector – Selecting the Correct Hubodometer


STEMCO Launches New Tool for Up-to-Date Hubodometer Recommendations

(Trailer Technician) – Stemco is excited to announce the launch of our new web tool, designed to make Hubodometer selection fast and easy. The new Hubodometer Selector on the STEMCO website leads you through a simple process by recommending relevant product offerings according to tire brand, model, or tire measurements.

Hubodometers Help Keep Our Roadways Safe

Hubodometers used on semis, buses, and most other heavy-duty trucks and trailers help track maintenance schedules and accurately calculate costs per mile. By taking a proactive approach to fleet management, companies can maximize safety and performance, while extending the life of their fleet vehicles. The same also serves in reducing downtime and overall fleet costs.

Stemco Hubodometer Selector
Stemco Hubodometer Selector

Up to Date Product Recommendation

“…with ongoing changes from tire manufacturers and brands across our industry, it was challenging to keep things up to date. We knew it was time for a change, and we’re so excited to introduce this to our customers. It’s all about ‘Making the Roadways Safer.’”

– Chas Usé, Senior Product Manager for STEMCO

Select Your Hubodometer with Confidence

Visit Stemco to use their new Hubodometer Tool.


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