FTR Virtual Conference Series

FTR Transportation Conference 2021

In place of Canceled In-Person Event, FTR Offers Open Virtual Conference Series

Bloomington, IN – (Trailer Technician) – Due to COVID concerns, FTR canceled their in-person 2021 Transportation Conference to ensure the continued health and safety of all those who had planned to be in attendance.

In place of the canceled in-person event, FTR is planning a no-cost, open Conference Virtual Series for the week of September 13. FTR has lined up many incredibly knowledgeable speakers to present content covering truck, rail, and intermodal – freight and equipment – along with an economic overview.

Each day will have a specific focus and virtual attendees can choose to attend the sessions of most interest to them. All times are EDT.

Monday, September 13: Truck and Trailer Equipment

11:00 – Technology: Completing the circuit on electric trucks

2:00 – Used Trucks: Heating up or cooling down

Tuesday, September 13: Truck Freight

11:00 – An Industry in Flux: How employment and labor law are changing trucking

2:00 – Capacity and Productivity: Pre-autonomous countermeasures for a tight supply of drivers

Wednesday, September 14: Rail and Intermodal Freight

11:00 – Rail Regulatory Debates: Both sides of the regulatory coin

2:00 – Metal Markets: Understanding demand for a key input to manufactured goods and the impact on the carload sector

Thursday, September 14: Rail Equipment

11:00 – How Regulations Will Shape Tank Car Demand in the Coming Years

2:00 – Railcar Manufacturing Perspective: Exploring the market dynamics that will impact the rail equipment industry

Friday, September 15: Economic Overview

11:00 – Economic Recovery and Demand Creation: What the data says about where we are headed

2:00 – A Wall Street Perspective: Transportation Industry Dynamics

Anyone interested in hearing from these industry experts can attend the sessions. As a bonus, the public is invited to a State of Freight webinar on October 14 at 11:00 AM EDT with the entire panel of FTR experts presenting a comprehensive market outlook and forecast. For more information and to sign up for all sessions including the webinar visit FTR Virtual Conference Series.

Contact Derek Young at for more information.

About FTR:

For more than 30 years, FTR has served as the industry leader in freight transportation forecasting for the shipping, trucking, rail, intermodal, equipment, and financial communities in North America. With over 250 years of combined experience in the transportation industry, FTR’s experts provide quantitative analysis with historical and modal-specific insights. FTR’s reports, data, commentary, and insights help their clients evaluate market risks, identify new opportunities, and make informed decisions.

FTR is the only company with a complete set of freight data for all modes of transportation with detail at the 3 Digit STCC commodity level. FTR tracks and forecasts 200+ unique commodity groups both quarterly and annually using their proprietary Freight•cast™ freight forecasting model.

To learn more about FTR visit, Follow us on twitter @FTRintel and connect with us on LinkedIn. To contact FTR, call 888-988-1699 or email