TEXA IDC5 Training for Technicians

Diesel Laptops

TEXA IDC5 Training

Diesel Laptops, in partnership with American Diesel Training Centers, will be offering TEXA IDC5 Training for Technicians in Columbus, Ohio.

This training will provide an in-depth view of the TEXA IDC5 software, including how to navigate the software, check codes, run commands, and change parameters. You’ll also learn how to use the Diesel Laptops’ exclusive software to find repair information.

Training Info

  • Location:
    • American Diesel Training Center – Columbus, Ohio
  • Dates:
    • 4/23/21
    • 6/3/21
    • 6/15/21
  • Topics:
    • Differentiating between active, inactive, and stored codes
    • Checking live data to help in diagnostic procedures when fault codes aren’t available
    • Performing diagnostic tests such as fuel system tests and cylinder contribution tests
    • Correctly programming fuel injectors
      Resetting aftertreatment systems and clearing derate codes
    • Performing stationary regeneration and SCR tests
    • Using DTC Solutions, KnowledgeBase, and Truck Fault Codes to find wiring diagrams, component locators, and more repair information

Training Discount

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More Info

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