ABS Sensor Install with Grease Monkey Bone Series Gloves

ABS Sensor Installation with Grease Monkey Bone Series Gloves
Haldex ABS Sensor Installation with Grease Monkey Bone Series Gloves

Grease Monkey Bone Series Gloves

Last week the trailer repair shop was full of wheel end jobs. And I’m a firm believer that wheel ends provide a great opportunity to talk with the Trailer Technicians. After all, during a wheel end service the Techs are fairly stationary and there is absolutely no noisy riveting!

Anyway… While talking with one of the Technicians I noticed that he was wearing a pair of the Grease Monkey Bone Series Gloves that I passed out a few weeks ago for review. This was the perfect opportunity to get his thoughts on the gloves.

Technician’s Feedback

  1. I should point out that this particular Trailer Technician is full of personality. That being said, his first observation about the gloves was that he looks great wearing them! So… yes Dave, you look great!
  2. He also mentioned that he is able to perform fairly intricate tasks while wearing the gloves. As I watched him perform the wheel end service, the Nitrile coating seemed to be flexible enough to allow him to perform all the related tasks, while providing a good grip on tools and parts.
  3. The Tech discussed how the Grease Monkey gloves protect his hands much more than the shop-supplied disposable Nitrile gloves. *To avoid ruining the Bone Series Gloves with grease, he does still use the disposable Nitrile Gloves when packing bearings.

In short, this Technician provided nothing but positive feedback on the performance of his Grease Monkey Gloves. Stayed tuned as we check in with some of the other Trailer Technicians to get their feedback.

Brake Installation with Grease Monkey Gloves
Meritor KSMA2124707QP Brake Shoe Kit & Grease Monkey Gloves

Grease Monkey Bone Series Gloves

  • Foam Nitrile coated gloves are tough but flexible, providing premium grip
  • Protects hands while allowing tactile gripping while working around oil and grease
  • Foam Nitrile coating: latex-free coating provides additional protection while resisting punctures and abrasions
  • Buy Now: Available at Amazon

Haldex ABS 90° Sensor Body with Clip

  • Part #: AL364063
  • Production cables are identified with a tape applied OE part number.
  • Longer lengths may be used; secure excess to trailer.
  • Sensors supplied with A59512309 (OEM #059512309) Retainer Clip.
  • Buy Now: Available at FinditParts

Meritor KSMA2124707QP Brake Shoe and Lining Kit

  • Weight: 38.35
  • Unit Pack: 1
  • UPC Code: 680502116623
  • Brand: Meritor Genuine
  • Marketing Group: Lined Shoe Kits
  • Shoe Coating: Platinum Shield III
  • Brake Shoe Width: 7.00 in.
  • Lining Type: Meritor Production
  • FMSI: 4707QP
  • Brake Diameter: 16.50 in.
  • Lining Weight Rating: 21,000
  • Lining Number: MA212
  • New or Reman: New
  • OE Mfg.: Meritor
  • Rivet Hole Count: 32
  • Meritor Production Brake Shoe: A19-3222-D-2006
  • Rivet Size: 0.25 in.
  • New Lined Shoe: SMA212 4707QP
  • Application Information: Meritor Q Plus; Rear axle – truck, tractor, trailer
  • Brake Hardware Kit: KIT 8000HD
  • Brake Type: Q Plus
  • Aftermarket Extended Warranty – General: 3 Years / 300K Miles against rust-jacking only
  • Aftermarket Brake Shoe: R4707
  • VMRS Code: 013-002-120
  • Buy Now: Available at FinditParts