TireView Tire Pressure Monitoring System by P.S.I.

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Pressure Systems International Launches New Dedicated Website for Tire Pressure Monitoring System – TireView™

San Antonio, TX – (Trailer Technician) TireView™, P.S.I.’s tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) now has a dedicated website www.tireview.com

The new website features general information about the benefits of tire pressure monitoring and how TireView’s next-level technology delivers expanded tire management solutions for trucks, tractors, and trailers. 

TireView Tire Pressure Monitoring System by PSI
TireView Tire Pressure Monitoring System Website

According to a Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) study, the use of tire pressure monitoring systems can improve fuel economy by approximately 1.4 percent. Vehicle operators can visit the website to calculate their own ROI for TireView based on their individual company profile.

TireView, with a high degree of flexibility, can be run in a closed on-board system or connected to telematics solutions for enhanced fleet management.  It can also be combined with the industry-leading P.S.I. ATIS for trailers or other ATIS solutions offered today.

Combined with TireView LIVE™ — P.S.I.’s advanced analytics platform – commercial fleet operators can review and analyze the health and history of their tires to make well-informed decisions regarding maintenance and replacement intervals.

Additional resources available at tireview.com include installation and parts manuals, FAQ’s and warranty information.


About Pressure Systems International

Pressure Systems International is the global leader in onboard tire management systems for commercial and recreational vehicles. P.S.I.’s portfolio includes automatic tire inflation systems (ATIS) for commercial trailers, tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) and related products.  It’s telematics-compatible TireView™ TPMS for commercial vehicles was launched in Q1 2019, followed by TireView LIVE™ in Q3, which delivers real-time tire health information to a fleet’s operation center.  Both ATIS and TPMS product lines are compliant with greenhouse gas legislation and have distribution in N.A., Europe, Asia, South America and Australia.  P.S.I. is a privately held company based in San Antonio, TX and is ISO 9001 Quality Management certified. For more information about Pressure Systems International products visit their websites: www.psitireinflation.com or www.tireview.com.