Stoughton Z-Plate Composite Trailer

Stoughton Trailers

Product Spotlight

From Truck Center Companies, a great look at the 2020 Stoughton Z-Plate Composite Trailer. This trailer walk-around gives us a look at the upper coupler, crossmembers, Holland Atlas 55 landing gear, suspension, and more. 

This video does end rather abruptly at the 2:57 mark. So, be sure to visit Stoughton for more information. Or, if you are in the market for a Stoughton Z-Plate, you can also visit Truck Center Companies.

Stoughton Z-Plate Composite Trailer:

  • Base Model
    ZGPVW-535T-S-C-AR (Z-plate, G-Bond plate van, Extra Wide, Hi-Cube, 53 ft, No. 5 height, Tandem, Slider, Air-Ride)
  • Length
    Overall – 53’-0″
  • Width
    Overall – 102″
    Inside – 101″
  • Height
    Overall – 13’-6″ based on 47″ 5th wheel height
    Inside front – 110″
    Inside rear – 110″
    Door opening – 109-7/8″
    Dock height – 49-1/2″
  • Capacity
    20,000 lb brake rating per axle
  • Suspension
    Rigid trailing arm style air suspension, with EZ-align axle alignment and an external dock lock to minimize dock walk
  • Axle
    Tapered spindles and bearings with Pro-Torq axle nuts
  • Brakes
    Extended service brakes, quick change, 16-1/2″ x 7″ air with Haldex automatic slack adjusters, 3030 brake chambers, Meritor Wabco 2S/1M ABS, and filtered air couplers – meets FMV Standard No. 121
  • Wheels and Hubs
    22.5 x 8.25 hub-piloted steel disc, 5 hand hole and powder coated white, 10 stud hubs piloted with cast iron drums, 11-1/4″ bolt circle
  • Oil Seals 
  • Stemco Platinum Plus Performance System with Chevron Delo Semi-Fluid Grease
  • Tires
    (8) 295/75R22.5
    PSI: 95 / 655 KPa
    GAWR: 20,000
    GVWR: 70,000
  • Landing Gear and Landing Gear Subframe
    Holland Atlas 55 with replaceable cushion foot and roadside “Speed Crank” handle, located 146″ from front, Wide inside-type mounting, longitudinal mounting channels spanning five cross members with cross, fore and aft diagonal bracing and cross channel braced
  • Suspension Subframe
    Holland 4-pin slider type with hot rolled 80,000 min. yield wide slide 204″ body rails
  • Upper Coupler
    3-1/2″ deep channel style coupler with full width 1/4″ lower plates
    S.A.E. king pin, cross head type, AAR rated
  • Crossmember
    Pre-coated 4″ “Super-Sill” I-beams 12″ on centers throughout (80,000 lb min. yield)
    Shallow area ahead of landing gear uses 3 hat-shaped heavy-duty members
  • Lower Rail
    Extruded aluminum, 6061-T6
  • Floor
    Havco 1-3/8″ laminated oak from rear sill forward, butted to king-pin subframe
    Fastened with (3) staggered screws per board per cross member 
    12″ threshold plate at rear, forward edge beveled into floor
  • Front Wall
    Pre-painted white .050″ aluminum front panels.  Beveled natural aluminum .125″ corners, six 16 Ga. galvanized steel posts, 2-1/2″ deep, with heavy duty lower sill across front and around corners
  • Side Walls
    Pre-painted white composite panels above a 10″ base rail with pre-painted white outer splice plates riveted to panel with 1/4″ diameter aluminum rivets on 1-1/2″ centers and 14 ga. galvanized steel inner splice plates with 6″ on center vertical “A” slots
  • Upper Rail
    Extruded aluminum, 6061-T6
  • Roof
    .040″ one-piece aluminum sheet pre-tensioned against galvanized steel bows, 24″ on center, crowned and fastened to top rail with galvanized bolts, stainless steel washers and lock nuts
  • Rear Frame
    98″ x 109-7/8″ high with shallow header, tubular steel corner posts welded rigid to lower sill flush to top of floor
  • Rear Doors
    1/2″ composite panel swing rear doors with dual durometer gaskets
    (4) 2-3/4″ wide extruded aluminum hinges
    (1) lock bar per door
    Loop style door hold backs
  • Lining
    Front: 1/2″ OSB full height
    Sides: 6-1/2″ corrugated steel scuff
    Ceiling: None
  • Electrical
    7-way socket with stop/tail, directional, license, applicable marker, clearance, and conspicuity per DOT/FMV Safety Std. No. 108.
    Combination center marker/turn signal, five light rear header, marker/clearance light on front corners. Return ground on all lights.
  • Trucklite LED lights throughout with Trucklite harnesses for lifetime solution
  • Bumper
    Corner bars, cross-channel and light guards welded rigid to rear sill
    Bolt on impact guard with bolt on anti-skid horizontal member with 4 vertical posts for added safety.   
    Meets DOT requirements
    (2) black polyurethane dock bumpers on rear
  • Mudflaps
    24″ wide anti-sail
  • Painting
    Stoughton’s steel body parts are grit blasted and primed with a 2-part epoxy which is baked on, then coated with a 2-part modified acrylic enamel and baked again