Eager Beaver Trailers Lowboy (35 GSL-S4S)

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Eager Beaver Trailers 35 GSL-SFS

The 35 GSL-SFS is the most basic and economical hydraulic detachable lowboy in the Eager Beaver Trailers‘ lineup. This unit features a load capacity of 70,000 lbs and a GVWR of 85,500 lbs.

Eager Beaver Trailers Lowboy 35 GSL-S4S
Eager Beaver Trailers Lowboy (35 GSL-S4S)

Eager Beaver Trailers 35 GSL-SFS:

  • Specifications
    • Capacity: 70,000 lbs. Trailer Weight: 15,500 lbs.
    • Deck Width: 8 ft. 6 in. Length: 22 ft. Height: 24 in. (Loaded)
    • Frame: Mainrails: Four fabricated 16″ Deep cambered I-Beam, 80,000 P.S.I. steel
    • Crossmembers: 10″ x 9 lbs. per ft. I-Beam, pierced through mainbeam (18″ spacing Std.)
    • Gooseneck Length: 82″, 86″, 90″, 94″, 98″ and 102″ available (For special lengths contact sales)
    • Decking: 1 ½” Apitong Decking With Expanded Metal Center
    • Wiring Harness: Sealed L.E.D. Lights & USA Star PLUS Sealed Modular Wiring Harness w/ 7-Way ATA Plug
    • Front Ramps: Front Flip Steel w/ Grousers (Wood filled is available)
    • Hydraulics: Wetline hook-up for tractor PTO operation • REQUIREMENT: Low Flow/High Pressure System
    • Hydraulic Cylinders: Two Main 6″, One 3″ Locking, One 4″ Gooseneck Support
    • Controls: Control Valve eye level
  • Running Gear
    • Tie Down: 6 per side – Patented “ROTO RINGS”® Swivel 360º
    • Outriggers: Cast Steel (Locks both in and out position)
    • Colors: Black, Yellow, Blue (standard) Imron Paint
    • Tires: Eight 255/70R22.5 (H) Steel Belted Radial
    • Hubs/Wheels: Four Disc Type Hubs, Eight 8.25 x 22.5 Disc Type Wheels, Stemco Oil Seals, Hub Piloted
    • Suspension: Hutch H-9700, three leaf, capacity 50,000 lbs. tandem (Adjustable Alignment)
    • Axles: Two 5″ diameter 25,000 lbs. each, H.M. series bearings
    • Brakes: 16 1/2″ x 7″ Air, “S” Cam., Auto Slack Adjusters
    • ALL WHEEL ABS: Anti-lock brake system 4S2M, Sensors on All Wheels, Two modulator valves
    • Parking Brake: Spring Brakes on All Wheels
  • Options
    • Additional Deck Length or Width: (N/A for S4S model) Wheel Covers (N/A for S4S model)
    • Power Pack: 11hp, 12hp Kohler, 13hp Honda, or 16hp Kohler (Combination Power Pack/Wet Kit Available)
    • Lockable Tool & Chain Storage: Forward center deck area (1 or 2 compartments)
    • Additional “ROTO-RINGS”®
    • Spare Tire & Disc Wheel: 255/70R22.5 (H)
      • Optional: Spare Tire Carrier
    • Tire & Disc Wheel: 275/70R22.5 (H) Upgrade
    • Oak Decking in lieu of Apitong
    • Paint (other than standard Black, Yellow, Blue) Price on Request