New Packaging for Meritor Thru Tee

Meritor Thru Tee 31317 04
Meritor Thru-Tee (31317 04)

A First Look at the New Packaging for Meritor Thru-Tees

Today I noticed that the Meritor Thru-Tee (31317 04) is sporting some new packaging. I know, I know… That probably isn’t an overly fascinating topic to most in the trailer industry. But, I am a bit of a fanatic when it comes to part room organization, and packaging plays a big role in that. So, I am excited to see how this new packaging works out.

Disclaimer: We received no information stating that this is the new “official packaging” for Meritor Thru-Tees. It is however, the first batch of Thru-Tees I have received in this packaging.

The Meritor Thru-Tees that I have come into contact with prior to today were packaged in simple cardboard packages. Actually, I should add to that, very flimsy cardboard packages that tend to not stay closed on a parts shelf if stacked **(See update below). So, I am certainly intrigued by the new packaging and hope it stores better than previous packaging.

As you can see by the photo above, the thru-tees I encountered today are packaged in clear plastic clamshell-style containers. The front and back of these containers snap together, sealing the thru-tee inside.

My first impression was that the new packing looks really nice! The clear plastic shows off the part, and the attached label is very easy to read. However, despite the nice appearance, when I picked up a stack of 4, two of the packages popped open, causing one thru-tee to fall to the floor. So, I’m now a bit skeptical as to how well the new packages will store on the parts shelf. Packages that don’t stay sealed can cause any parts shelf to fall into chaos. I’ll report back when we’ve had a chance to live with the new packaging a bit longer. Stay tuned for updates.

Meritor Tire Inflation System – Thru Tee:

  • Part #: 31317-04
  • Weight: .30
  • Length: 5.00 in.
  • Notes: Brass Thru-Tee Assembly with Tee Vent and Shield Stainless steel tube for use with Dual Tire Propar Axles. Replaces 31315-04, 31316-04

10/18/19 Update:

Today I revisited the older Thru-Tee packaging that I bashed earlier in this post for being flimsy. It turns out the older packaging is sturdier than I remember. My apologies to Meritor for the undeserved negative comment.