East Manufacturing 50 Year Anniversary Trailer Packages

East Manufacturing

East Manufacturing Celebrates 50 Years with Special Anniversary Trailer Packages

RANDOLPH, Ohio – (Trailer Technician) – East Manufacturing celebrates 50 Years of American Made aluminum flatbed, drop deck, dump and refuse trailers as well as aluminum truck bodies.

East celebrates its 50 years with Special 50th Anniversary Trailer Packages, standard on each of its four aluminum trailer lines. The flatbed, drop deck, dump and refuse trailer packages include gold East nameplates along with 50th Anniversary logoed mudflaps. In addition, gold anodized flat hook tie downs are included on flatbed and dropdeck trailers.

East Beginnings

From dairy farm to trailer manufacturer, East Manufacturing began in 1968. East was named for the East Ohio area where it is still located today. And, according to Owner Howard Booher, the name East was “Short and Sweet.” Booher continued, “We had tremendous road construction on the new interstate system that was centered in the area. It was the ideal location.”

Born and raised on a dairy farm, Booher’s hands-on experience as an aluminum welder led to his dream of building a better trailer with aluminum. East has reacquired its first dump trailer, which was welded by Booher and manufactured for its first customer, Tom Shields.

East Flatbed Trailer

Trailer Timeline

After several variations on the aluminum dump trailer, including a truck dump body in1970, East designed its first Sludge Pusher Trailer in 1978 and Refuse Transfer Pusher Trailer in 1980. Debuting in 1983, the first Walking Floor Refuse Transfer Trailer was developed. By 1982, it was full speed ahead with the industry’s first aluminum flatbed trailer. By 1990, the first drop deck came on the scene. The MMX flatbed trailer followed the BST in 2002.

In the dump and construction industry, East has become synonymous with the smooth-sided East Genesis® design, which was invented by East in 2001. Once the design caught on, most dump and many refuse trailers now boast the stronger, smooth-sided sidewalls, which are more aerodynamic, easier to clean and do not show dents from the inside. Throughout the 50 years, East has grown through 20 expansions from its initial 7,200-sq-ft headquarters, built in 1968, to over 110 acres with 680,000-sq-ft of manufacturing and building space today. From its original ten employees in 1968, East has grown to 545 employees in 2018.

About East Manufacturing Corp.

East Manufacturing Corp. is a leading manufacturer of a full line of aluminum platform, dump and refuse trailers, and steel dump trailers and dump bodies, for the commercial vehicle, construction, agricultural and refuse markets. Headquartered in Randolph, Ohio, East has provided innovative standard and custom trailer products that deliver superior performance, strength and flexibility for 50 years through its network of over 70 trailer dealer locations. Visit East at EastMfg.com.