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Globe Trailers Introduces New Lowboy Made for Mountains and Off Road Terrain

BRADENTON, Fla. – (Trailer Technician) — There are several important factors to keep in mind before and while driving in the mountains; safety needs, terrain, weather and visibility, volume and nature of traffic, the presence of wild life, and the overall condition of the road and the condition of your vehicle.

Globe Trailers has just finished developing a new line of Mountain Trailers. After diligently working with drivers, end users, dealers and applying their feedback to their product, the results are astounding. Globe has put together a trailer line specifically designed for the tight roads and off road conditions of mountain terrain.

Globe Trailers Mountain Trailers

Globe Trailers has tailored many components of their already high quality lowboy trailers to fit operator’s requirements for mountain transport. Everything has been taken into consideration from the suspension options, deck lengths, gooseneck fenders, hydraulic controls, and even all the way to the grease points.

These trailers handle the switch backs, the rugged terrain and heavy abuse with ease. Globe’s trailers are also completed powder coated, and are available in 188 different color options at no up charge. Just like all of Globe Trailers lowboys, these trailers come with a 10 year structural warranty. If you’re hauling anywhere from the Rocky Mountains to the Blue Ridge Mountains, these trailers were made just for you.

Globe Trailers holds contract and supplies for the Defense Logistic Agency and General Service Administration and are held to the highest standards which is the standard for all Globe Trailers customers.

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