Advanced Trailer Awarded U.S. Patent

Advanced Trailer

Advanced Trailer Awarded U.S. Patent No. 7,779,556 for Revolutionary Semi-Trailer That Dries Agricultural Products

ABILENE, Texas – (Trailer Technician) — The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Tuesday granted a patent for the Advanced Trailer, a product of APT Advanced Trailer & Equipment LP in Abilene, Texas. The Advanced Trailer is the only semi-trailer that has a unique drying system that can dry, store and transport peanuts and other agricultural products. This patent confirms their exclusive status as the nation’s leader in agricultural crop drying.

“This patent comes at a great time of opportunity for Advanced Trailer, our intellectual property and the industries we serve,” said Randy Hill, President & CEO of APT Advanced Trailer & Equipment LP. “This will enable Advanced Trailer to further our presence in the peanut industry and agricultural crop drying. Advanced Trailer is now prepared to aggressively move forward as we expand and diversify into the renewable and bio-energy markets.”

In addition, Hill announced that his company has entered into a new financial agreement with Regions Bank in Atlanta, Georgia.

“We are proud to provide financing for Advanced Trailer because we believe this product can revolutionize America,” said Billy Cannon, President of Regions Bank. “We are investing heavily in the agricultural economy and we believe that Randy will now be able to take his Advanced Trailer and transform the biomass market as well.”

APT Advanced Trailer and Equipment LP is best known for their trailers which are used to procure (dry) agricultural products. Advanced Trailer has more than 3000 drying trailers currently in service in all 10 U.S. peanut producing states across America. Recently Advanced Trailer has gained national recognition for their ongoing bio-energy research which uses their trailers to remove moisture from wood biomass products. Over the past two years Advanced Trailer has funded a number of both State University and private sector research for biomass related projects. Currently over 100 power plants in the U.S. burn biomass to create energy. For more information about Advanced Trailer please visit