Electronic Hubodometer Patent 6,940,940

Electronic Hubodometer Patent 6940940

Mark J Kranz & Stemco Electronic Hubodometer Patent

In 2002 Stemco released DataTrac, the first hubodometer with no moving parts (patent 6,940,940). The patent lists Mark J Kranz as the Inventor and Stemco as the Assignee.


United States Patent: US 6,940,940

Date of Patent: September 6, 2005

Inventors: Kranz; Mark J. (Hallsville, TX)

Assignee: Stemco Delaware LP (Longview, TX)

Family ID: 32314443

Appl. No.: 10/697,743

Filed: October 30, 2003


An apparatus and method for counting wheel revolutions are provided that include a wheel-hub mountable odometer comprising an accelerometer comprising sensor means for sensing force, wherein the sensor means are operable to sense a force acting thereon and generate an electrical signal representative of said force. Further an electronic control system is provided comprising a microcontroller and power source, the microcontroller comprising electronic filtering means for attenuating irregularities in the signal from the sensor means and computing a wheel revolution count based on said attenuated signal, and output means for communicating the wheel revolution count. The accelerometer preferably comprises a dual axis electronic accelerometer with no internally rotating parts. Further, the output means preferably comprises at least one of a display means, an IR communication system, or a RF communications system.

The complete patent document can be found at the United States Patent and Trademark Office.