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Choice Trailers

Choice Trailers

Choice Trailers and Manufacturing designs and manufactures rugged transportation trailers and structural units, specializing in oil & gas, military, mining, construction, logistics, water treatment, and other project-specific industries. Their trailer line includes equipment trailers, flatbed trailers, oilfield trailers, tanker trailers, and trailers designed for military applications. The company is also capable of designing and manufacturing custom trailers.

Trailer Manufacturer Profile

  • Company: Choice Trailers & Manufacturing
  • Parent Company:
  • Headquarters: Katy, Texas
  • Founded Date: 2000 (~)
  • Founder: Enrique Zanelli
  • Traded as:
  • Subsidiaries / Brands:
  • Trailer Types:
    • Equipment Trailers
    • Flatbed Trailers
    • Oilfield Trailers
    • Tanker Trailers
    • Custom & Military Trailers
  • Other Products:
    • Platforms
    • Skids
    • Tanks
  • Website:
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Choice Trailers NG-Pro Series Trailer
Choice Trailers NG-Pro Series Trailer

Historical Highlights

2000 (~)

  •  Choice Trailers founded by Enrique Zanelli